Monday, 4 August 2014

Boggle Hole, Heal My Soul.

Almost a year ago to the day I wrote, Boggle Hole, Good for the Soul, from the very place I'm holidaying in now. As I write this post I am surrounded by panoramic views of the hills towards Ravenscar, banked by vast cliffs overlooking the blue, blue sea. The sun is shining between the clouds and sheep are munching contentedly. The only sounds are the wind rustling through the trees, the odd Bah from ramie next door and people in the distance who saw the road sign 2 and half miles away and decided to head down the windy lane in search of paradise.

I don't blame them.

This is a slice of heaven.

It's a quiet day for us today. Paul headed to Whitby early this morning to catch a sea-faring ride and has already caught various fish according to the text he sent earlier. I've spent most of the day in the garden soaking up the views and allowing nature to do her healing work. As for the girls...wild horses won't drag them outside although the youngest did venture before lunch.

They'll learn the value one day as we did before them.

Not long ago, the man on a neighbouring farm flew home in his helicopter. I can't remember where he works but it's somewhere city-based. Imagine. I think a person could put up with many things if they knew they were but a short ride from here although, something tells me he enjoys his work too and has mastered the art of living well. Good for him. We should take a leaf out of his creative book.

It wasn't my intention to write a post just yet. The table is spread with half begun craft-work and books. July's issue of 'The Lady' magazine has it's front cover missing. My sister gave me a few back-copies whilst I was in hospital and I quite liked them. They are a reminder that good manners and elegance still exist in the world and far from being out of my or anyone else's league offer lifestyles' to aspire to not just dream about. Mary Berry, ( I love her) has been cut into strips ready for rolling and collage work. She doesn't know it yet but she's destined to become part of my illustration for Dreaming in Colour  Landscape or balloon...? Not sure yet. I don't think she'd mind either way since it's all in the name of being creative. Besides, I noticed on the reverse a rather fetching photograph of cultured pearls so she might not make the final cut after all.

I found the pritt-stick in my artist's wallet and a flimsy napkin from some café or other, probably last year, with my handwriting scrawled all over it. When in need... I must have been thinking about Paul when I wrote these words but they have a deeper urgency now more than ever. This is what I found.

And when we separate
(For one day we surely must)
I will look back and bless you
For all that we have been to one another.

I almost wanted to cry but the scenery here is far too perfect.

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