Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Road to Vegas.

In her book: 'E Squared'  - Pam Grout talks about Vegas as a goal and journey many people set out upon but few manage to complete. How many times I wonder have any of us decided to set off on the road to Vegas, getting maybe five miles along the track before some distraction altered our focus and attention.

Vegas, with all it's allure and sparkle will always be on the horizon though, in those quiet moments of yearning when you wonder how it happened that you never got there having set off with such determination and enthusiasm. There you are leaning in the doorway of your roadside life watching others make the journey too. Some give up before they've even begun, overwhelmed by what appears to be an impossible distance. A few stop by for refreshment convincing themselves there is plenty of time to dally. Others take strength in respite before setting off again, undeterred by lack of funds or faith in what they know in their hearts to be true.

And then there are those who simply board the wrong bus by mistake or occasionally because they believed it was the right bus until the years passed and they could not bare to admit their folly in the face of a dream now dead and gone.

Half a life is better than no life at all.

Fear plays a huge part.
Fear of failure.
Of change.
Fear of success which by it's nature invites change into our lives.

We want change until it happens and then we don't know how to cope. We would prefer to wake up one day and realise change has occurred without our ever realising. We can simply sit back and reap the rewards without effort or pain.

It takes courage to step out on that road and keep going no matter what. To have faith when all is doubt.

Courage and belief that you can get there despite all the odds.

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