Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Hard to Dance With The Devil on Your Back.

So the last few months have been tough and most definitely a challenge in the verbal department. I want to laugh hysterically at times.
Oh the irony.

Me. Without a voice.
At least one that does not belong to me and is at times almost inaudible.
You couldn't write this stuff.
I've tried.

Anyway, I may be down, though decidedly not out and there has to be a bestseller in this somewhere so I'd better crack on and figure it out.

Inside I am pretty much the same as I ever was.

Quick witted.
Bang on with the banter. (What is life without banter?)
Though, despite appearances still very much in possession of my hearing. (Would somebody kindly tell that to the strangers I meet who mean well but will surely suffer the consequences of their inept attempts at sign language before much longer.)

I can still write and type.

I just can't speak to you in person or on the phone which is a shame because HELLO! That's my job!

I have been looking through some of my postings from a while back and came across this one;  Dance, Dance Wherever You May Be from 2012 which reflects on the relationship between the customer and the person serving them. Relationships are based on the spoken word - sometimes body language - sometimes both - but it begins with a conversation. A dance between two or more people engaged in the art of communication.

There have been times when I have served people who cannot communicate verbally for various reasons of disability and I have done my best to dignify the union. Until now, I could only guess at the immense frustration they must feel on a daily basis.

I am walking in their shoes and my view of the world has changed beyond recognition.

At times it can be:

Shopping for groceries takes on a whole new meaning when it involves speaking to staff at the deli counter. I have become the customer I used to serve. Their faces say it all - a mixture of unease and pity masked by customer service training in how to be PC.

The dance has taken on a whole new dimension and I no longer have the skills to match the steps involved.
It makes no odds.
I am excited by the prospect of change and determined to embrace this opportunity afforded to me by a quirk of fate.

I will create a new dance. It was never my intention to conform and there will always be the need to rail against the conventional.

Come with me.
I'll dance for you.
This is my Dance and it will go on.


  1. LOL I like that paragraph about the deli counter service =p as a service person myself.. I GET THIS.

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