Saturday, 9 January 2016

Falling in Love Again...

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about 2016. The last 18 months have been tough but now that I have time on my hands I've decided to use it wisely. This is what I've been telling my daughter whenever she catches me watching the same storylines of Holby City involving a certain tall, dark, handsome Mr Oliver Valentine. What a great name that is and my goodness, he wears it well.

Apart from being easy on the eye, it's his storyline I'm interested in. (Oh yes it is!) I've been studying plot and stories, lots of lovely stories involving all kinds of twists and turns. The writers have done their jobs well when it comes to character development, back stories, delaying romantic gratification to a simmer for weeks before the inevitable boil. All the important elements of the Hero's Journey, (see diagram below,) have been observed before he finally gets his girl in the form of the beautiful Zosia March.

You see, I am working. What a bunch of cynics you are.

Feeling invigorated, I've been reading about how we attract a mate, what makes us tick as human beings, how we choose perspective partners, what we do to make it work and why we try to sabotage ourselves just at the crucial point when we're about to get what we want in life. Of course, these points apply to all aspects of life not just romance, so lots to be learned here and contemplated.

That's what I've been doing, contemplating and falling in love with... well, love and the idea of being in love with one's own life. I'd forgotten what that feels like, that sense of wonder and yearning for something more than the everyday. To wake up looking forward rather than feeling stuck in the past, both mentally and metaphysically. I want to gather all this new found energy and channel it into being creative because this is my promise to myself. That no matter what happens this year, I will be creative in my writing, in my love of others and with my life.

I have a twinkle in my eye again -  much to the consternation of my daughter who belies my well meaning attempts to impart wisdom concerning love, life, the universe and all it's wonderful pitfalls.

We must each make our own journey but should I fall back into the trenches... I know who'll I'll be calling on for help.

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  1. A very positive outlook for this year 2016!



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