Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Unknown Muse.

I'm drawn to you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine
Eyes betray secrets of a soul
Long since hidden from public view
But I see you and
I long for you to see me too.

Did we meet in a previous life. The pull is
Too strong to explain or pretend
Otherwise. Besides,
I sense your spirit connecting with mine
Over insurmountable airwaves of time.

Arresting vision, captivating dream, do not awaken
Then abandon me, remain in my orbit for all
Eternity. Thank the stars
Naked ingenuity for the power you posses
In resurrecting a heart long resigned to death.


  1. There are feelings that are always ...

    Mark de Zabaleta

  2. Hurrah! You have awoken the beast! There's no stopping you now!!

    Wonderful prose Tracey luv! �� xxx

    1. Thank you Angela, for stopping by and for reading. :-)


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