Monday, 1 February 2016


Go on then, if you're offering
But I can't stop long.
I've got to get back for me dinner
Then I'm off to see your Mum.
How did it go at your thing today,
Did you manage to get it all done?

I saw that programme the other night
And meant to watch it through
I only closed me eyes
For a minute -
It'd finished the next I knew.

What happened, do you know?

I'm doing all right, not so bad
Me back hurts of course
But then it always has.
You know me, not one to complain
But I didn't half go and pull it again .
It were agony for nigh on rest of the day!

Is this tea mine... ?

Yes, I've still got me pipe,
Yes, I'm well aware of
What you're going to say.
But I'm far too old
To give it up now or waste time
Worrying about changing me ways.

Even if I wanted to.
Which I don't.
So, think on.

Don't be daft, it's never that bad.
I'll have you know
I'm as good looking now
As when I were a lad.
And you might well be all grown
With kids of your own but remember...
I'm still your Dad.

You cheeky thing.

Thanks for the tea
But I'd better get gone,
Traffic 'll be building and
Time's marching on.

Your Mum'll be wondering
Where on earth I've been.
Although, yesterday she gave me
Such a lovely smile that
For a minute, she looked...

Exactly how she used to be.


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