Sunday, 5 June 2016

Harpur and Finch

 There is nothing more pleasing than to dawdle and browse amongst beautifully displayed vintage merchandise before enjoying traditional tea poured from an authentic china pot. Imagine my delight when I encountered both of these favourite pastimes at the newly relocated Harpur and Finch,  in our very own market town of Ilkeston.

Chock full of  nick-knacks arranged to entice and draw the customer; entering the shop is like walking into a bygone age where polite society is alive and well. How sweet it is to wander towards the tea-room lulled by the gentle melody of 'La Mer' floating unobtrusively in the background and have your order taken by the delightful Lindsey, resplendent in Edwardian style pinafore.

Upon her return bearing china cups, a china pot and silver tea-strainer - without a tea-bag in sight - the seduction is complete. My daughter was thrilled to receive her strawberry milkshake in a tea-pot too and took great delight in pouring it very carefully into her perfect china cup with saucer.

The surrounding décor of cottage doors turned at right angles to create nooks and crannies filled with charming arrays of stacked tea-cups-ready-to-topple-but-not-quite, all added to the general feel of having tumbled down the rabbit hole into an enchanted realm.

As with all good things, the tea was drunk too soon whilst listening to the hum of conversation from other customers and having said farewell, we idled back through the shop not quite ready to meet the real world just yet; and lingered a while captivated by the elegance.

I rather envied the proprietor's ability to persuade her audience they have entered a magical kingdom because we certainly felt that we had and my daughter has chatted about nothing else since.

 It's not often I feel compelled to report on a retail establishment but this is an exception and I for one can't wait to return and be inspired again - perhaps this time over lunch.

Plus there was a certain decadent item which caught my eye...


  1. Sounds absolutely lovely. - Wendy

    1. It is lovely, Wendy and so are you for dropping by.

  2. Replies
    1. Mark, if ever you're in town I'd be happy to take you too!


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